Make Money With Gerald Reed Centument Ltd Marketing: How to Find Success


You know more about pterodactyl fossils than anyone. You have been published in scholarly journals and are well regarded in your field. When the latest Jurassic Park movie came out, you decided to capitalize on its success and put out articles in popular magazines, too. However, your writing style needs to be a little different. To find out how, continue reading this article.

1. Make your website approachable.

Your website needs to be simple to use. If a visitor has to spend too much time trying to navigate through the site, they are simply going to leave and go elsewhere. That means you do not gain a new customer, and you are also missing out on any referrals that they might have sent your way.

2. Don’t stress over plagiarism.

If you put something up online, and another website uses it, try not to stress out about the situation. Simply let the public know that you are the author. Turn the situation into a good thing; make mention of the fact that others obviously value your work. You can even create a link between your site and the site that has up your work. This is an easier way to establish ownership than trying to sue.

3. Have a user-friendly writing style.

You don’t necessarily need to write in the first person. However, you want to seem approachable in your posts and articles. You want people to see that you are not solely worried about your bottom line. Of course you want to make money; however, that doesn’t have to be the only side of you the public sees.

4. Use short paragraphs.

While this may be contrary to what you have done for other mediums, when you are writing for article marketing purposes, the piece needs to be easily read over the Internet. A long paragraph can lose a reader very quickly. Therefore, you want shorter paragraphs that are simple to read.

5. Create an e-Book.

Once you have maintained an online presence for a while, you will have a lot of articles floating around the Internet. Create an e-Book that highlights some of your best work. You can either sell this book or give it out to promote what you are doing. You can reach a lot of new people this way.

6. Pictures are a great addition to any article.

Pictures help to break up lengthy text and make the article more interesting to readers. However, remember to either use your own pictures or to get permission to use someone else’s picture. You can’t simply put up any image that you find online and attach it to your work.

7. Pay attention to your grammar and language.

When you are writing an article for marketing, you must pay attention to your grammar. Also, vary the words you are using; incorporate some synonyms if you need to change things up a bit. Doing this will help to make your articles better.

8. Come back to your writing later.

Once you finish an article, put it aside for a little while before you go back over it to see if any changes need to be made. This will give you a chance to really evaluate your work. If you edit immediately after writing, you are much more likely to miss mistakes.

7. Use articles to promote charity events.

Are you hosting a charity event? Do you know someone that is? Article marketing can help to increase the number of people on your guest list. Simply put out an article talking about the event and mention why people should join you in supporting the cause.

Hopefully, you now feel confident in your ability to delve into article marketing. Your readers will be much different than the people that enjoyed your scholarly pieces. Watch the kind of language you use for best results.

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